The audio revolution is here! Thanks to a surge in streaming and podcasting, as well as the growing popularity of smart speakers.

Commercial radio reaches 38.7 million listeners every week. Radio is a prime example of a channel that has expanded exponentially over the years, as listening habits have changed with the introduction of many digital channels. Radio allows you to connect with your audience and create emotional responses to listeners. Our specialist radio team gives us insight into all the stations across the UK including digital stations, their listening numbers and demographic profiles. This enables us to plan targeted campaigns either regionally or nationally for our clients. These can be straight airtime campaigns, or more bespoke packages including elements such as competitions and promotions. Our team can also assist with the production of radio commercials if you need help with this.

There have been exciting developments in the world of audio, with people increasingly personalising their listening experiences through the likes of Spotify or their favourite podcast. At Tank Top we can recommend digital audio options that reach your target audience and engage with them to increase your brand awareness.

Tank Top Media have always shown a great understanding of the needs of the B2B market, and have delivered strong campaigns with innovative thinking, especially with their digital geo-targeting offering.

Natalie Baker | UK & ROI Marketing Manager (Construction)
JCB Worldwide Marketing

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